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Sweet Success Diabetes Program

Sweet Success Diabetes in Pregnancy Program

Sweet Success Diabetes in Pregnancy Program is a program established by the State of California, that provides a multidisciplinary approach to managing a pregnant diabetic, including diet control, medication management, and education of the patient regarding the complications and nutritional management of this disorder.

Our integrated team of maternal-fetal medicine specialists, obstetricians, nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, dietitians, diabetes educators, and licensed counselors, is specially trained to care for and improve pregnancy outcomes for women who have pregestational and gestational diabetes.


Obstetricians may refer their patients with pregestational or gestational diabetes to our office for a consultation and a recommendation for a specialized plan of care.

Pregnancy Management and Co-management with Your OB Provider

Many patients diagnosed with gestational diabetes can be co-managed by their primary obstetrician in conjunction with our maternal-fetal medicine specialists and our dedicated Sweet Success team of providers.

Find useful Patient Education Materials at California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program (CDAPP) Sweet Success

Sweet Success Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being referred to the Sweet Success Program?

You are being referred to our Sweet Success Program by your doctor because you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, or you have pregestational diabetes and are currently pregnant, or you wish to become pregnant and are being referred to the program for pre-conception counseling.

Who will I see during my first appointment?

On your first appointment you will be seen by a registered dietitian/diabetes educator who specializes in diabetes and nutrition during pregnancy.

How long will the first appointment take?

Because there is much to cover and we want to answer all your questions so you to feel more at ease with your diagnosis, you should allow a minimum of 90 minutes for this first appointment.

What will be covered my first visit?

  • Diabetes during pregnancy
  • Risks of high blood sugar during pregnancy
  • Dietary guidelines
  • Blood sugar monitoring (you will receive your own meter and instruction)
  • Instructions on food and blood sugar records
  • Postpartum guidelines

How many follow-up visits will I need?

Follow up visits are determined on an individual basis, but usually consist of at least 2 separate visits, both with the registered dietician/certified diabetes educator and the maternal fetal medicine specialist. During these visits, your blood glucose numbers and food records will be reviewed.

Every member of our Sweet Success team is knowledgeable and specially trained to teach you methods to control your diabetes through your diet, exercise—and, if needed, medication—to minimize risk of complications associated with pregnancy and uncontrolled diabetes. Due to the added stress a diabetes diagnosis can place on you during pregnancy, our services also include a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to support your emotional needs.