• Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

We have moved to a new location

Our department has relocated to the UCSF Women’s Health Berkeley Outpatient Center as of April 15th, 2024. This new location is at 3100 San Pablo Ave, Suite 400, Berkeley, CA 94702. To reach this new department please do one of the following:

• For Prenatal Diagnostic services, such as ultrasound and genetic counseling – please call 415-353-3400 and select option 2, 2. If you need to send a fax to the PDC department their number is 415-353-4077

• For Maternal Fetal Medicine consult services – please call 415-353-3400 and select option 2,1. If you need to send a fax to the MFM consult department their number is 415-502-4616

We look forward to continuing to provide you with care at this new site! UBCP Maternal-Fetal Medicine is the Bay area's most comprehensive high-risk obstetric practices. UBCP meets the rigorous standards established by the State of California to be designated a Prenatal Diagnosis Center (PDC). Our office is located in Berkeley California.

Our team offers individually designed care for you and your baby. We have the latest in medical technology and take a patient-centered approach to care, always keeping the best interest of our patients as our primary mission.

Our highly specialized team consists of maternal-fetal medicine specialists, geneticists, genetic counselors, sonographers, dietitians, and nurse practitioners, as well as our 24/7 in-hospital team of perinatal OBs and certified nurse midwives.

All our doctors are board-certified physicians with special training to provide a full spectrum of clinically advanced services for complex maternal-fetal medicine conditions.

Why Choose Us

  • We are specialists in managing complications in pregnancy, including placental abnormalities, fetal anomalies, genetic disorders, multiple pregnancies, nutritional issues and infectious diseases.

    As caregivers, each of us works to provide the critical support a woman and her family need to deliver a healthy baby.

    Our specialists complement obstetrical care providers and can co-manage complex conditions before or during pregnancy.

    • Perinatal consultation
    • Preconception counseling
    • Pregnancy co-management
    • Sweet Success Diabetes Program
    • Inpatient consultative and surgical services
    • Prenatal Diagnostics:
      • OB ultrasound
      • Genetic counseling
      • Amniocentesis
      • Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)
      • Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)


What our patients say about us

  • Patient Story: -Megan C. and Bianca T.

    You can trust UBCP Maternal-Fetal Medicine with your children's’ care.   A testimonial from...

    -Megan C. and Bianca T.

  • If you ever find yourself 7 months into a high-risk pregnancy and you all of the sudden have to get a new OBGYN, go here. You will be in great hands!

    Megan C,

    The doctors get a 5 Star rating -- they are absolutely incredible. I was treated with so much kindness, respect and care.

    Bianca T.